All you have to do on your Wedding Day is show up!


All details of your Kauai wedding are taken care of prior to your arrival to the garden island. Once on island you can make a final decision on your ceremony site. We offer many free ceremony locations from waterfalls and gardens to secluded white sand beaches. As your wedding coordinator I do offer you a choice of ministers , photographers and other vendors.

My Hawaiian minister was born on Kauai. He blows the conch shell to begin your wedding. As the bride walks down the FREE flower petal walk way he plays the ukulele. As your first gift to each other we do a lei exchange. After you have sealed your vows with a kiss the minister plays songs like “Somewhere over the Rainbow ” or ” The Hawaiian Wedding song ” .

If requested the minister can do a coconut water sharing ceremony where he opens a coconut with a machete. Bride and groom drink from half a coconut and then pour the remaining coconut water into one shell signifying your union as one.

For over twenty years I have had the pleasure of helping couples plan their dream Kauai wedding. As a member of The Hawaii Better Business Bureau, Hawaii Visitors Bureau and Kauai Visitors Bureau, I adhere to their high standards for professional service. I look forward to using my experience to help you plan your special day!


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